The Amazing Health Advantages of Turmeric

Turmeric, a simple herb holds many unknown qualities that could advantage one’s health in several different ways. The beautiful yellow herb with peppery aroma is generally used to spice up the favourite dishes. But it is unfortunate that most of us are unfamiliar with its advantages. But no more… after reading this piece of article, no one will be left unaware of the benefits that this ingredient possesses in it. That is right, below we are going to mention some of the amazing health benefits of the known to be simple herb, Turmeric.

Did you know that Turmeric is also known as Curcuma longa? Also, this will amaze you that the similarity in its visual with ginger is because they both come from the one family of “Zingiberaceae”. This herb born in southeast Asia is one of the popular herbs that is frequently used in cooking.

As per science, this herb contains 1.82 mg of iron and 0.34 mg of manganese in every 2 teaspoons. Alongside these two major ingredients, this herb is also a good source of vitamin B6, fibre, calcium and copper.

Below are some of the major advantages of this simple yet powerful herb, Turmeric


According to medical science a small inflammation in your body is beneficial to fight off the pathogens like bacteria but a long term inflammation in your body puts you under risk. If this inflammation persists in your body, there is a good chance that it will start affecting your tissues adversely. This is where turmeric comes in handy. Being a bioactive substance it is quite effective in fighting inflammation at a molecular level.

Prevent Liver Diseases

Turmeric is a natural detoxifier and increases the production of some of the vital enzymes that help in detoxification of the blood in our body. While preventing internal blood clotting, turmeric can also reduce the inflammation making your liver stronger.

Improves blood sugar level

However there are many medical ways in which one can control his or her blood sugar level, but most of us are unfamiliar with the fact that turmeric is a good and strong way of controlling it. This simple herb can help control the side effects of the high sugar level. For precaution one should definitely consult the doctor before taking turmeric as a supplement. This is one of the most effective advantages of turmeric.


Well! Can you imagine turmeric having qualities to prevent depression? The studies around the globe have proved that turmeric has proved quite effective when it is given to the people with major depression disorder. Thus, turmeric is a good alternative to the medical medicine for depressed patients.

Lower the risk of heart diseases

Are you aware that there was a study in which 121 patients were given turmeric before undergoing the coronary artery bypass. Clearly enough it turned out to be a good decision and there was a 65 percent decreased heart attack rate of patients who were fed a dose of turmeric everyday.

These are some of the major advantages of turmeric that most of people around the globe were unaware of. This simple herb holds great power to heal our body in many different ways. It is not always necessary that big things are great but some small things that we use on daily basis might possess a lot of hidden benefits for a health body.

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